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Veronica was born in Holland where she spent her childhood with her family at an old Dutch farm in the rural Achterhoek (meaning the back corner).

After Highschool she went to Chicago USA to study Art and Drawing at the Roosevelt University.

Over the years she has lived and worked as an illustrator and teacher in different countries, in Australia for over twenty years (mostly on the Sunshine Coast) and in former East Berlin in Germany, for nearly a decade. Her work is on display in exhibitions and galleries in Australia, Germany and Holland. You can also see her art in the Magicum Museum in Berlin.

Veronica now lives in the small hinterland town of Mapleton. Sitting at her drawing table, she looks out over the beautiful Sunshine Coast and the Mapleton forest.


Veronica van de Vorst

artist and illustrator





 On Instagram @hooyslittledrawings you will find many more drawings... (see link below)

Rain is coming
Rainbow lorikeets
Online drawing/illustrating course
Online mini drawing/illustrating course,

you can choose to buy the drawing book and work it out yourself,
or if you prefer, you can add a mini drawing course where
Veronica will assist you with tasks from the book.

Cost of Drawing book,  $35 (Australian dollar)
With an added mini course, $150
Postage not included




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