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For most hobbies and occupations you need to invest money in a lot of things and often also space.

  •  For drawing you need a few things; paper and pencils. An eraser and a sharpener can come in handy too, and coloured pencils to brighten it all up.

  • You don´t need a fancy desk or office space. A kitchen table next to the window is a good place to draw. You can also draw in a train, a plane, outside, etc.      I can´t think of a place where you couldn´t draw, really..

  • Another good thing about drawing, I find, is that your hand and pencil come very close to the paper you draw on. There is less distance between you and your work as for instance when you paint. And because of that, it is easier to put things on paper the way you want it. You can work more precise as well.
  • The fourth very good thing about drawing is that you can use an eraser to rub lines out again.It is a bit like the undo button on your computer. Where would you be without it? Because you have an eraser at hand, you can draw with more ease. You know that you can undo any marks and make changes whenever you like.

The end result of a drawing can be just as effective as that of a painting, a sculpture,  a dress or anything else.
 Drawing is essentially used in designs, (book)illustrations,in fashion designing, in architecture, in film and in projects of all kinds, to name a few. 

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chandra gischler on zaterdag 7 januari 2012 21:49
Wat een leuke website! Het nodigt uit tot tekenen.
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Ida Schneider on donderdag 12 januari 2012 14:55
Das Zeichnen macht mir auch viel Spaß. Ich kann auch leicht meine Zeichnungen im Computer bei Feinheiten verbessern.
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Replica Horloges on dinsdag 21 mei 2013 9:21
You can illustrate a children´s book so that a child will remember it fifty years down the track. And of course, you can illustrate a card and send it away
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