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Drawing with pencils and finishing with photoshop

Finishing your drawing with a little help from photoshop

When you have made a drawing or illustration, you can scan it in your computer.
Here are some reasons why you might want to do this;

  • Your average drawing won´t be bigger that an A4 size, so it will fit nicely in your scanner.
  • As soon as you have scanned your drawing, your have a copy, or two, or three,  as many as you like. And you can send it in one click to anyone in the world!
  • When you look at your drawing on the computerscreen, you can see a lot more detail than you could ever see with your naked eye.
  • Just about every computer these days has a simple photoshop program. With this program you can get rid of smudges very easily (there where even an eraser is useless), you can brighten your drawing and make more little changes with little effort.

You don´t have to be a wizard to use photoshop to make little changes.
You can even make big changes, but very soon you will see that mostly a little change, if any, is all a drawing needs.

  CAUTION!  Don´t think you can fix a bad drawing with your computer, a computer can only  help enhance it.  So if you don´t like your drawing, better start again.
Cleaning up, opruimen

Don´t overdo the cleaning,
leaving a few messy lines will keep it lively.

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luke on zondag 26 februari 2012 9:36
it can definately give a drawing a bit more spark!!
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Marga on zondag 29 april 2012 8:50
Hi Veronica!!! Very impressive, this whole setup is great! You put a lot of work in it. I never realized you could make art with coloured pencils. That is awakening news for me. A lot easier than taking a paintbrush and paint with you. I am going to get me some coloured pencils. You have talent, that's for sure. Wishing you all the best and a lot of success in everything you do! Regards Marga.
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Replica Horloges on dinsdag 21 mei 2013 9:21
You can illustrate a children´s book so that a child will remember it fifty years down the track. And of course, you can illustrate a card and send it away
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green arrow and black canary costumes on zaterdag 26 mei 2018 9:55
I love your work and I am looking forward to read some more articles.
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purchase assignment online on zaterdag 24 augustus 2019 9:09
If you want to replicate pressing hard on a pencil, raise the murkiness. In the event that you need to copy drawing delicately with a pencil. Much the same as a pencil, you'll have the option to develop the line over itself and obscure territories as you go.
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