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Easter egg painting

Painting Easter eggs

easter eggs, paaseitjes

First we find eggs, white ones are easiest to paint.
And if they have these stamps on them you can remove them with sandpaper. Then we carefully put little neat holes in them with a pin. One on each side and make them just big enough that you can blow the insides out.

a daffodil egg. nog een paaseiCertainly you can make an omelette out of them but my appetite for one disappears very quickly when I see us all blowing away.
We wash the empty eggs in soapy water and let them dry. 

To make the painting go easier you can put the eggs on a thin wooden skewer, those you use for barbecues etc.
Some of the eggs we dip in hot water with colour tablets you can buy specially for this purpose everywhere around Easter. You can also dip them in one colour and then in another colour. When the eggs have dried, we start decorating.

You can also paint straight away on a white egg. We use acrylic paint, nothing fancy and start decorating to our hearts content. In the meantime we eat little chocolate eggs, of course.  You can finish with glitter here and there and polish them with a little oil if you like them shiny. 

Happy Easter!

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