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How to make people recognizable

My nieces finished their school exams (and passed) !
Graduation day. Examen gehaaldTo make them recognizable I surrounded them with `props.`
Merel on the right has longer hair and she likes to wear high heels and dress a bit classic. Veerle has shorter hair and likes to wear sneakers and look more sporty.

Merel in Dutch is also the name of a bird, so I let the bird fly around her.
Veerle in Dutch sounds a lot like Veer and that means a feather. So feathers are flying around her. They also have a black cat who does not understand the excitement.
And last but not least, they trample the studybooks and let all the papers fly away so it is clear that we talk about the end of the schoolexams.

It is really not so easy to make faces recognisable without looking froozen.
 I would not try too hard and mostly only draw the obvious like a round or a long face, the hair, maybe earrings or jewelry that the person likes to wear.
Furthermore you can easily draw a tall person extra tall and a thin person extra thin, long legs extra long, etc.
 Clothes are of course instantly recognisable. Does the person normally wear lots of colours?  Prefers pants or dresses?  Does he or she has a favourite hat or scarf or shoes?
Does the person have a favourite bag? 
 Does he or she have pets, children, a friend, a car of bike that she always travels with? Does he or she play an instrument or play a sport? A football or a guitar can be great props too.

You will see that once you start, you thinks of more and more of these props.
It is a fun way to make a drawing and the person who it is meant for mostly really likes it, while it is very, very personal!

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