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Nog éen cursus in Rotterdam, beginnend in maart
De volgende teken en illustratie cursus is verplaatst naar 13 maart 2017
Cursus tekenen en illustreren begint 6 maart 2017
Starting a Drawing and Illustrating Course
Drawing book


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cursus tekenen en illustreren Rotterdam
Drawing book
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handicapped people who like to draw
Online course
Online Drawing and Illustrating Course
Online Drawing Course
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Tekencursus Rotterdam
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handicapped people who like to draw

Starting a Drawing and Illustrating Course

In about a month the schools have started again, and so will the Drawing and Illustrating Courses in Berlin. 
I offer on Mondays a course for children in the afternoon and one for adults in the evening (both in German). You can also do a course Online when that suits you better.
Online is more flexible, of course, as you are not committed to the Mondays.
And if you live in nowhere or somewhere far away from Berlin than an Online Drawing and Illustrating Course might be just the thing for you. 

One hand and your eyes are all you need to be able to draw.

Pigs fly. Varkentjes vliegen

A little while ago I broke my foot.The foot is now in plaster and I walk with one leg and two crutches around. There is quite a bit I can not do for a while.
I can´t ride my bike, can not drive        (I don´t have a car anyway), can hardly walk, can´t shower, can´t play a sport, etc. etc.
But I can still draw which I do more as usual now.
In my classes I have sometimes people with a handicap. They might not be able to use their legs or have maybe only one arm.