For all commissions and illustration work, prints and cards
        at instagram @hooyslittledrawings you can see examples

orange witch. oranje heks

             also presented and commisioned by;

            Berlin Magic Museum

            am Hackischen Markt
         Große Hamburger Str. 17
         10115 Berlin-Mitte

        Aktion Mensch

As Germany’s largest
private funding organisation,
Aktion Mensch has for the past 46 years
striven tofoster a society in which the notion of we and us
is paramount. In cooperation with its member associations
(Germany’s six biggest private welfare organisations and television broadcaster ZDF)
It supports people with disabilities along with disadvantaged adults, teenagers and children.
Aktion Mensch supports over 1,000 projects in Germany run by independent charitable organisations
every month.


voorkant maaskoe rood
    Maaskoe in Rotterdam

The former captain´s house at the Westerkade in Rotterdam.
It is here that Veronica does her work and where she gives her drawing classes.
Besides courses and workshops, Maaskoe also houses every five weeks new expositions and hosts parties and get togethers, with or without catering.



aussi friends. australische beestjes busy builders, with coloured pencils. Kindjes druk bezig aan het strand, met kleurpotlood getekenda pose in the oceanwashing day

bums on the beach with coloured pencils. Drie generaties op het strand, met kleurpotlood
one laughing kookaburra

shelter in the stormmother and childto the moon dancea nap on the water

tantrum in the tree

peace doves, with coloured pencils, vredesduiven, met kleurpotlood